BigBearCommunity Rules

Discord Server Rules

  1. Be respectful. Treat others with kindness, patience, and respect. Harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or any form of offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. No spamming or self-promotion: Do not flood the chat with repetitive messages, advertisements, or excessive links. Self-promotion should be limited to designated channels, if available.
  3. Keep discussions on topic: Stay relevant to the channel’s purpose and avoid derailing conversations. Off-topic discussions should be moved to the appropriate channel or taken to direct messages.
  4. No NSFW content: Do not share explicit, sexually suggestive, or otherwise Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content. This includes text, images, links, or discussions.
  5. Use appropriate language: Maintain a friendly environment by using appropriate language. Avoid excessive swearing, offensive slurs, or vulgarities.
  6. Respect privacy: Do not share personal information about others without their consent. This includes real names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other private details.
  7. No trolling or disruptive behavior: Do not intentionally disrupt conversations, provoke arguments, or incite drama. Respect others’ opinions, even if you disagree.
  8. Follow Discord’s Terms of Service: Adhere to the Discord platform’s terms of service and community guidelines at all times. This includes no sharing of pirated content, hacking, or any other illegal activities.
  9. Listen to staff members: Follow instructions given by server staff members. If you have an issue or concern, contact a moderator or administrator privately.
  10. Keep channels organized: Use the appropriate channels for discussions, announcements, or media sharing. Avoid posting in the wrong channels to maintain clarity and organization.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in warnings, temporary mutes, kicks, or bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation. These consequences are at the discretion of the server staff.