Terms of Use for Big Bear Lab

At BigBearTechWorld, we use our lab to showcase and evaluate upcoming features that we are considering incorporating into the app. While we do our best to make these features available to all users, please note that their availability in your price plan is not guaranteed.

During the testing phase of these features, you may be required to pay for them if they become live. It’s important to keep in mind that some features may not receive a positive response and may be removed from the app. However, if you find a feature particularly useful and would like to see it incorporated permanently, you can share your feedback with us by starting a chat on our website.

By providing access to these features in our lab, we hope to gain valuable feedback from our users and improve the overall functionality and usability of the app. So, whether you’re exploring new features or providing feedback on existing ones, we value your input and are dedicated to creating the best possible user experience.