Video Idea: Cosmos Cloud - How to integrate "normal" Docker apps into Cosmos OS - OpenProject & Discourse & Monica

Thanks to your tutorial on setting up a cloudflare domain, i have now finally a working setup.

Sadly i struggle with installing apps not in the market. I manage to set them up on a normal Ubuntu server with docker (ofc without the safety of authentification and cetificates that Cosmos has when exposing the apps to the WAN), but can not manage to do so on Cosmos and integrate them properly.

Could you show how to setup those, as they are essential to :
-Monica (A kind of personal use CRM)

In general, please go in detail on the important bits on how to ingerate a “normal” docker app into Cosmos. E.g. what is different, what to adjust, how to connect the containers into the bridge and other networks, URL, etc…

Other apps that are not essential:
-Plex Meta Manager
-NetData or Zabbix
-13ft or Ladder
-RSS Bridge

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration!
Best wishes

Just to Clarify you’re talking about Cosmos Cloud?

Yes, somehow i always call it “OS”… Maybe because CasaOS?
But yeah, Cosmos Cloud!

Ok just wanted to make sure didn’t know if there was something else out there.

Check up on the BigBearYouTube Roadmap thats where I post what’s coming up next:

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