Add Whoogle to BigBearCasaOS (Code in post)

I use Whoogle everywhere. It’s an excellent frontend for Google Search and very easy to setup.

I think it would make a great addition to BigBearCasaOS. Here’s the zimaOS/CasaOS script I use -

name: whoogle
    cpu_shares: 90
    command: []
    container_name: whoogle-search
          memory: 15778M
    image: benbusby/whoogle-search:latest
      - target: 5000
        published: "5000"
        protocol: tcp
    restart: unless-stopped
    volumes: []
    devices: []
    cap_add: []
    environment: []
    network_mode: bridge
    privileged: false
  author: benbusby
  category: search
  hostname: ""
  icon: ""
  index: /
  port_map: "5000"
  scheme: http
  store_app_id: whoogle
    custom: Whoogle

Meta search engines are normally unreliable and have rate-limiting issues.

That is true, but for personal use they awesome.

I tried it one time, and after 10 searches, even for personal use, it was rate-limited. Are you getting around the rate limit on personal use?

I have been using it for two months. No issue.

Also, if you would like, since you have a working Docker Compose, you can submit a pull request. Happy holidays as well!

Are you using a VPN?

Not on my computers. I use Whoogle on my phone too, but I do use a VPN on that… Google One VPN.