Added Excalidraw to BigBearCasaOS


An open source virtual hand-drawn style whiteboard.
Collaborative and end-to-end encrypted.


The Excalidraw editor (npm package) supports:

  • :100: Free & open-source.
  • :art: Infinite, canvas-based whiteboard.
  • :writing_hand: Hand-drawn like style.
  • :first_quarter_moon: Dark mode.
  • :building_construction: Customizable.
  • :camera: Image support.
  • :grinning: Shape libraries support.
  • :tongue: Localization (i18n) support.
  • :framed_picture: Export to PNG, SVG & clipboard.
  • :floppy_disk: Open format - export drawings as an .excalidraw json file.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Wide range of tools - rectangle, circle, diamond, arrow, line, free-draw, eraser…
  • :arrow_right: Arrow-binding & labeled arrows.
  • :back: Undo / Redo.
  • :mag: Zoom and panning support.

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