Added install-hacs-in-home-assistant-docker to BigBearScripts


The install-hacs-in-home-assistant-docker script automates the installation of the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) into a Home Assistant instance running inside a Docker container. HACS extends Home Assistant by providing easy access to a large repository of additional integrations, plugins, themes, and custom components that are not available in the official Home Assistant store. These contributions come from the Home Assistant community and can greatly enhance and personalize your Home Assistant experience.

I have videos on how to install the Home Assistant Core Docker image on different platforms here:

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The Goal

Make it as easy as possible for somebody to install HACS on Home Assistant Docker. I’ve also been asked multiple times, and I try my best to listen to the Big Bear Community and what you need next.


I always recommend looking over the source, no matter if it’s coming from me or somebody else. See if you like what it’s doing and it’s doing what you need. It’s best practice to never run a script without looking at the source first.

If you see anything wrong, please start a PR.

You can see the source here:

Run command

Running the single command should walk you through and install HACS with ease.

bash -c "$(wget -qLO -"