Added Password Pusher to BigBearCasaOS


Give your users the tools to be secure by default.

Password Pusher is an open source application to communicate passwords over the web. Links to passwords expire after a certain number of views and/or time has passed.

  • Easy-to-install: Host your own via Docker, a cloud service or just use
  • Open Source: No blackbox code. Only trusted, tested and reviewed open source code.
  • Versatile: Push passwords, text, files or URLs that auto-expire and self delete.
  • Audit logging: Track and control what you’ve shared and see who has viewed it.
  • Encrypted storage: All sensitive data is stored encrypted and deleted entirely once expired.
  • Host your own: Database backed or ephemeral, easily run your own instance isolated from the world.
  • JSON API: Raw JSON API available for 3rd party tools or command line via curl or wget.
  • Command line interface: Automate your password distribution with CLI tools or custom scripts.
  • Logins: Invite your colleagues and track what is pushed and who retrieved it.
  • Admin Dashboard: Manage your self-hosted instance with a built in admin dashboard.
  • Internationalized: 29 language translations are bundled in. Easily selectable via UI or URL
  • Themes: 26 themes bundled in courtesy of Bootswatch. Select with a simple environment variable.
  • Unbranded delivery page: No logos, superfluous text or unrelated links to confuse end users.
  • Customizable: Change text and default options via environment variables.
  • Light & dark themes: Via CSS @media integration, the default site theme follows your local preferences.
  • Re-Brandable: Customize the site name, tagline and logo to fit your environment.
  • Custom CSS: Bundle in your own custom CSS to add your own design.
  • 10 Years Old: Password Pusher has securely delivered millions and millions of passwords in its 10 year history.
  • Actively Maintained: I happily work for the good karma of the great IT/Security community.

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