Added Reactive Resume to BigBearCasaOS


A free and open-source resume builder that simplifies managing your resume.

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Thanks a lot man!

Sorry to ask, but would you know how to expose it through a domain? If I use Cosmos to expose it, the app just stops working.
Also the export to PDF doesn’t work, it just loads forever.

evening, i had the same issue with exporting PDF. with Dragon’s help i ended up changing the settings as follows:

Upon export mine (for some reason still pointed to the wrong place but i changed the URL in the browser to: BUT if i change it to
manually it works.

I will be uninstalling and re-installing shortly as i think there could be some weird cache settings.

Hey man,

Did u manage to fix yours? On mine I essentially have the same config, the app now works properly, but image loading is non-existent on a reverse proxy.
Isn’t there a way to just make it work through a reverse proxy without having to change the URL in the browser?
I need this for casual users, would love for it to just work directly.

It works locally for me perfectly, but having it remotely is necessary for my use case.
The PDF export works locally, but on a reverse proxy it opens an “about:blank” page that doesn’t download anything.
From what I understand, it basically tries to find the Minio address while on my domain name, but can’t because it believes itself to be isolated from the local environment.

Thanks for the help!