AdGuard Home Portainer Stack as per YT video last August

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post but I have a question regarding the Stack installation of AGH in Portainer as very well explained here.
I followed the whole process and the ADG is running and accessible as per designed.
But, I would like to use AGH as DHCP Server and when I go into the DHCP menu and want to list the dropdown menu of all the available IP’s, I have only one: eth0 -
And I believe I should also have which I shoul select to set up the DHCP Server.

So am I wrong in my supposition or is there something I might have missed in the Stack build up?

Thank you for your help!


The problem you’re facing is likely due to the network mode the container is running in. By default, Docker uses a bridge network, which isolates the container from directly interacting with the host’s network interfaces in the way you need for DHCP.

Yes that’s correct you should see your LAN IP. You will need to change the network_mode to host.

version: '3'  # Specify the Docker Compose version

  adguardhome:  # Define the service named 'adguardhome'
    image: adguard/adguardhome  # Use the 'adguard/adguardhome' Docker image
    container_name: adguardhome  # Set the container name to 'adguardhome'
    restart: unless-stopped  # Restart the container automatically unless stopped manually
    network_mode: host  # Run the container using the host's network stack
    volumes:  # Mount host directories as volumes inside the container
      - /data/adguard-home/work:/opt/adguardhome/work  # Mount '/data/adguard-home/work' to '/opt/adguardhome/work'
      - /data/adguard-home/confdir:/opt/adguardhome/conf  # Mount '/data/adguard-home/confdir' to '/opt/adguardhome/conf'
    # Uncomment below if needed, but be cautious
    # privileged: true
    # cap_add:
    #   - NET_ADMIN

Thank you very much for your help.
It’s a bt late now around here. I will give it a try tomorrow if not too busy or later this week.
Thanks again!

Sorry for late reply.
You were right, solution was to add

network_mode: host

in the compose. Everything runs fine now.
Thanks for your help.

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Awesome! Glad it’s working! You’re welcome!