Appsmith doesn't work on zimaboard

The current version of appsmith does not work on Zimaboard due to a problem with MongoDb and the processor. Downgrading MongoDb doesn’t work because Appsmith uses dependencies in most recent version of mongodb.

Which version of appsmith are you talking about? I did downgrade to v1.8.15 because of > v1.8.15 does not support CPU AVX. Can you try it again and let me know?

its not working for me to

The version got updated past 1.8.15. So just released an update to downgrade to: 1.8.15.

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I am using this image appsmith/appsmith-ee:v1.8.15 with Zimaborad, but not working. Is there something else I need to do? Getting error which indicates that Spring Data Redis couldn’t identify the store assignment for the repository candidate interface

I updated the appsmith in the store. It looks like they’re requiring a license key on ee now, so I switched to ce.

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