Be the first tutorial video for setting up Ente - Private Cloud for your Photos, Videos, and more!

Hello, I just watched the helpful video on Cosmos cloud
I am planning on switching to it and was doing some research. Surprisingly, there are very few videos surrounding this server OS which I think is very sad as it is a great OS. I was encouraged to add a video suggestion here, so here i go.

I would like to recomend a video tutorial on setting up Ente private photos and video manager. Ente has very recently open-sourced their server backend have some pretty simple looking docker set-up guide.

Ente has some really amazing features and I think is the best self-hosted video/photo management service. You can find their comparison lists at the bottom of their website.

Another benefit would be that, so far, there are 0 videos out there going over this. If Big Bear does one, you could capture all of the traffic and possibly even get it recommended by Ente!!!