Boost Your Productivity: Setup BigBearWebsiteBlocker Script

:lock: Boost Your Productivity: Setup BigBearWebsiteBlocker Script

Struggling to stay focused while working online? The BigBearWebsiteBlocker script is here to help! This script blocks distracting websites, allowing you to maintain a distraction-free work environment. In this video, I’ll guide you through setting up the script, which modifies your system’s /etc/hosts file to redirect requests to specified websites to (localhost).


Toggle Blocking: Easily turn website blocking on and off.
Automatic Prefix Addition: Simplified website list format with automatic prefix handling.
Comprehensive List: Customizable list of popular social media and distraction-prone websites.
Backup Hosts File: Automatically backs up the original /etc/hosts file for easy restoration.
Instructions: Follow along as I walk you through the setup and configuration to get the most out of this powerful productivity tool.