Boxinvy - Items


Items are your global inventory. When you want to inventory a object you don’t have to know exactly where it goes immediately in the box hierarchy. You can link any items later to the right boxes.

You can get to your global inventory by clicking on Items on the Boxinvy Dashboard.

Items Screen

Actions Tab

  • Create Item button: Clicking this will bring you to the create item form.

Items Tab

Click on any of the items to see the details.

Show Item Screen

Actions Tab

  • Edit Item button: Clicking this will bring you to the edit item form.
  • Select Item: Select a item to move of clone it the multi select
  • Move Item: Manually move a item to a different box
  • Clone button: Let’s you duplicate this item and all its data.
  • Add QR Code: This will open up the QR Code scanner so you can add a QR code to this item.
  • Delete Item button: Clicking this will delete this item and all the links to boxes.

Info Tab

Info fields

  • Name: Help you identify the item.
  • Detail: Put detail about the item and how it is used ETC…
  • Notes: Any extra notes about this item.
  • Quantity: How many of this item are in the box.
  • Actual Cost: How much did it cost for you to buy this item.
  • Replacement Cost: How much do you think it would cost to buy this item retail. - QR Code: Item QR Code text.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the item.
  • Model Number: Model number of the item.
  • Insurance Type: We suggest verify this with your insurance agent because insurance companies to identify Content or Structural in different ways.
  • Content: This is anything that is not attached to the structure.
  • Structural: Anything that is attached to the structure.
  • Item Type
  • Personal: This is a personal item.
  • Business: This is a business item.
  • Purchase On: When you bought this item.
  • Updated At: When ever this item was updated.
  • Created At: When this item was created.

Files Tab

Show’s all your photos linked to this item. Click on any photo to zoom in.

QR Codes Tab

If you add a QR Code to a item it will show up here. Click here to learn more about QR Codes