Caprover Moodle Migration

Hi all! This is my first post here!
Is anyone familiar with Caprover?
I am trying to install Moodle with migrated data. A fresh install with new database works but if I add my migrated db and data it does not?
It is using a bitnami moodle docker image if anyone is familiar with it.

It starts looping when it get to database upgrade;

2023-12-20T04:31:02.768666807Z moodle 04:31:02.76 INFO ==>
2023-12-20T04:31:02.775004447Z moodle 04:31:02.77 INFO ==> Welcome to the Bitnami moodle container
2023-12-20T04:31:02.775042217Z moodle 04:31:02.77 INFO ==> Subscribe to project updates by watching GitHub - bitnami/containers: Bitnami container images
2023-12-20T04:31:02.777940836Z moodle 04:31:02.77 INFO ==> Submit issues and feature requests at Issues · bitnami/containers · GitHub
2023-12-20T04:31:02.779808882Z moodle 04:31:02.77 INFO ==>
2023-12-20T04:31:02.781493943Z moodle 04:31:02.78 INFO ==> ** Starting Moodle setup **
2023-12-20T04:31:02.808958386Z moodle 04:31:02.80 INFO ==> Generating sample certificates
2023-12-20T04:31:02.814248488Z Generating RSA private key, 4096 bit long modulus (2 primes)
2023-12-20T04:31:03.194762505Z …++++
2023-12-20T04:31:03.451918943Z …++++
2023-12-20T04:31:03.452376094Z e is 65537 (0x010001)
2023-12-20T04:31:03.475419069Z Signature ok
2023-12-20T04:31:03.475452038Z subject=CN =
2023-12-20T04:31:03.475654437Z Getting Private key
2023-12-20T04:31:03.503057797Z realpath: /bitnami/apache/conf: No such file or directory
2023-12-20T04:31:03.505524297Z moodle 04:31:03.50 INFO ==> Configuring Apache ServerTokens directive
2023-12-20T04:31:03.540980453Z moodle 04:31:03.54 INFO ==> Configuring PHP options
2023-12-20T04:31:03.543250672Z moodle 04:31:03.54 INFO ==> Setting PHP expose_php option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.555791647Z moodle 04:31:03.55 INFO ==> Setting PHP max_execution_time option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.568253356Z moodle 04:31:03.56 INFO ==> Setting PHP max_input_time option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.581325791Z moodle 04:31:03.58 INFO ==> Setting PHP max_input_vars option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.593996845Z moodle 04:31:03.59 INFO ==> Setting PHP memory_limit option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.606533593Z moodle 04:31:03.60 INFO ==> Setting PHP post_max_size option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.618909904Z moodle 04:31:03.61 INFO ==> Setting PHP upload_max_filesize option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.631672220Z moodle 04:31:03.63 INFO ==> Setting PHP output_buffering option
2023-12-20T04:31:03.662127063Z moodle 04:31:03.66 INFO ==> Validating settings in MYSQL_CLIENT_* env vars
2023-12-20T04:31:03.671392063Z moodle 04:31:03.67 INFO ==> Validating settings in POSTGRESQL_CLIENT_* env vars
2023-12-20T04:31:03.796496201Z moodle 04:31:03.79 INFO ==> Restoring persisted Moodle installation
2023-12-20T04:31:05.936978712Z moodle 04:31:05.93 INFO ==> Trying to connect to the database server
2023-12-20T04:31:06.006754632Z moodle 04:31:06.00 INFO ==> Running database upgrade