CasaOS isnt working on phone but works on pc (with wired conection)

I installed casaos on debian like 5 times and every time this error is happening. The pc which have installed casaOS is connected to LAN. Funny is that I can use casaOS on my main pc because it has wired connection, but the phones which are on wi fi cannot connect to casaOS. Have someone encountered this too?

Thank you in advance

Can you run?

Let me know what it gives you. Also, when you run the script, is UFW on?

Hello! Thanks for answering me. I ran the script and it gave me no errors. I’m very new to linux so i’m no expert. I changed the port to 120 because I though port 80 was the problem but it still does not work.

When you’re accessing the web interface, you’re going to the Also on mobile you are on the same network as your computer right?

Yes! I have only one router and my phone is connected to it. The cable that goes out of the router with ethernet is connected to a switch and then from the switch to my main pc and to the pc with casaOS. Is this the problem?