Casaos stop work after some time

Hi, is some day I’m start using casaos and replace Docker+portainer on my proxmox server. In last two day I noted an issue, with old and yesterday version too, practically after a while my home assistant stop to work, is installed as VM in proxmox, then I start to check better and I discovered that connecting with VPN to my home and going to local IP of homa assistant is working correctly and so I understand is nginx proxy that stop to work and so I try to go in the CasaOS home and I discovered that wasn’t work too as for all other app\container in it. I try a reboot and then magically start to work again. I give 4core+4gbram+1gbSwap to casos and I think is okay have you a suggestion to understand what’s causing my problem?

Based on the issue you’re facing with your setup, here are some things you can try:

  1. Examine Logs: Start by checking the logs for the Nginx Proxy. It’s crucial to identify any errors or patterns that could lead to the issue. A tool like Dozzle can be very useful for keeping an eye on these logs in real-time. You might find this video tutorial helpful:
  1. Resource Monitoring: Although your server seems to have sufficient resources (4 cores, 4GB RAM, and 1GB swap), it’s always a good practice to monitor resource usage. Sometimes, unexpected resource drains can happen due to memory leaks or processes consuming excessive resources. Tools like htop or top can be very helpful here.

  2. Check dmesg: Another useful approach is to look at the output of dmesg. This command can provide information about what’s happening at the system level, including potential out-of-memory (OOM) issues or other kernel-related errors that might not be immediately apparent.

By following these steps, you’ll have a better chance of pinpointing the root cause of the issue. Systematic troubleshooting like this can often reveal surprising insights.

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Resources are okay, nginx log has no strange things, I’ll try to install the suggested app, thanks and sorry if I wrote here I make confusion is not casaos site :joy:

Edit: I can’t find Dozzle in your store, I see existing on GitHub page but on casaos won’t be shown

It’s in there. You will need to have BigBearCasaOS installed.

Intermitent issues are hard to find; you need to figure out if they happen at a certain time and look at the logs at that time. Also, you can install to keep track of the resources and if there are any anomalies.

No worries; my goal is to have a tech community that is knowledgeable and supportive.

Umh I just has the market installed but yes is disappear, I add back again. Is casaos remove it after the update?

Unfortunately, on every update, it removes all the third-party stores.

Oh so now i know thanks, il fastly check from phone and I see some error about certificates won’t renew but I don’t think is my real problem because when stop work casaos can’t be reach using IP:port too so isn’t a nginx redirect problem only, I will check better when I can see from computer

ok i check nginx log and i discover certificate wasn’t working correcly after my dirty copy past from old docker to new casaos one and so now i delete and recreate and now the " certbot renew -v" finish withou error, let’s see if the problem come from this error :crossed_fingers:

Problem appears again, now I discovered that practically seem to release the IP and if I send a “dhclient” I’ll get again connection. In my router is set to give static IP to CasaOS but now I try to edit the network config and set static os level too

Have you checked if you’re not having IP address conflicts with another device trying to use the same IP?

Yes i haven’t any conflicting but now let’s see if this way fix

After some day, all seem keep working correctly so yes the problem was fixed setting ip to static instead of DHCP.

Then I noted now last version of casaos keep external store after the update :muscle:t2:

Awesome, glad it’s working now!