Default data directory bigbear nextcloud

im new on casa os, and trying to install bigbear nextcloud, but got some problem, my storage is mount to /mnt/raid1,
what should i do to make the directory data of next cloud to mnt/raid1/ ??

thanks before

Hey @kuranzi,
I have a suggestion,
But before, you have to know that it will erase any previous data already stored, and after installation all nextcloud files will be stored in you storage disk.

  1. Uninstall nextcloud.

  2. Create a new folder in your disk:

mkdir -p /mnt/raid1/big-bear-nextcloud
  1. Create a Symbolic Link to this folder from the app installation path:
ln -s /mnt/raid1/big-bear-nextcloud /DATA/AppData/big-bear-nextcloud
  1. Reinstall Nextcloud.

Let me know if it’s worked.

You can mount virtually anywhere as long as it has the right permissions. If you’re using BigBearCasaOS Nextcloud, for example,. You can mount at /DATA/AppData/big-bear-nextcloud