Docker's Mind-Blowing 39x Speed Boost: Highlights from DockerCon 2023

Wow Docker is getting a speed boost by 39x. They’re saying mastodon will build in 3m 40s from 2h 25m. :exploding_head:

DockerCon 2023, held from October 4-5 in Los Angeles, California, marked a significant milestone in the world of containerization. It was not only a reunion of Docker enthusiasts but also the first in-person event since 2019, making it a memorable occasion for the Docker community. The event, which was a hybrid one, brought together developers, partners, and customers for two action-packed days filled with exciting announcements, insightful keynotes, and engaging demos.

Docker’s 10-Year Celebration

Docker CEO Scott Johnston set the stage for DockerCon 2023 by celebrating a decade of Docker’s impact on the software development landscape. He addressed the audience by saying, “In the last 10 years, we’ve grown to more than 15 million developers, across the globe, and you all collectively — just on Docker Hub alone — have created and shared more than 15 million repos across open source, commercial, and many other communities.”

Johnston highlighted how Docker has become the preferred platform for building, sharing, and running applications worldwide, thanks to the collective efforts of the developer community.

Keynote Announcements

The first-day keynote at DockerCon 2023 was packed with product announcements aimed at accelerating the delivery of secure applications. Docker introduced tools designed to make “shift-left” development the new standard. Zevi Reinitz, writing for Livecycle, noted, “Each of these new tools aims to achieve a singular goal for developers everywhere: combine the responsiveness and convenience of local development with the on-demand resources, connectedness, and collaboration possibilities of the cloud. This combination enables developers to do their best work much earlier in the SDLC than they ever imagined possible.”

On the second day, Docker CTO Justin Cormack took center stage, focusing on innovations in artificial intelligence (AI). Sean Michael Kerner, in VentureBeat, emphasized the significance of Docker’s role in modern development and how the new AI efforts could impact GenAI development.

Docker Desktop 4.24: Enhancing Developer Experience

Prior to DockerCon 2023, Docker announced the release of Docker Desktop 4.24, bringing substantial improvements to the developer experience. This release included the GA release of Docker Compose Watch, a tool designed to streamline the inner loop of application development. Docker Compose Watch allows developers to instantly see the effects of their code changes without the need to manually trigger image builds.

Docker Desktop 4.24 also introduced the GA release of the Resource Saver performance enhancement feature. This feature automatically detects when Docker Desktop is not running containers, reducing its memory footprint by 10x, optimizing resources for developers’ machines.

Furthermore, this release allows developers to view and manage Docker Engine state directly from the Docker Dashboard, simplifying the development workflow.

Optimizing Development Workflow with Next-Generation Docker Build

In the fast-paced world of software development, every minute counts. Yet, development teams often find themselves losing valuable time as they wait for their image builds to complete. On average, teams can squander up to an hour per day per team member just waiting for these builds to finish. This downtime not only hampers productivity but also affects project timelines and team morale.

Recognizing this challenge, Docker has stepped up to the plate with a game-changing solution. Introducing “Next-Generation Docker Build,” a revolutionary tool designed to turbocharge your development workflow. With the potential to accelerate builds by as much as 39 times, this innovation is set to reshape the way teams approach containerized applications.

New Local + Cloud Products

During the first-day keynote, Docker unveiled the Docker Scout GA release, next-generation Docker Build, and Docker Debug. These products bridge the gap between local development and cloud resources, empowering development teams to enhance their code-build-test-debug processes.

  • Docker Scout GA enables developers to evaluate container images against a set of out-of-the-box policies, strengthening its role in the software supply chain.
  • Next-generation Docker Build significantly accelerates builds by leveraging on-demand cloud-based servers and team-wide build caching, reducing wait times.
  • Docker Debug offers an integrated toolbox for debugging local and remote containerized applications, helping developers identify and solve problems faster.

Docker + Udemy Partnership

Docker and Udemy announced a partnership aimed at providing developers with accessible learning paths to enhance their Docker skills and knowledge. This collaboration aims to empower developers to make the most of Docker’s capabilities.

AI/ML Announcements

Docker introduced Docker AI, its first AI-powered product, designed to boost developer productivity by providing guidance and selecting secure images for applications. This development has the potential to significantly impact GenAI app development.

Additionally, Docker, along with partners Neo4j, LangChain, and Ollama, launched the GenAI Stack, simplifying AI/ML integration for developers. This stack allows developers to deploy a complete GenAI environment with just a few clicks.

During DockerCon, Docker announced its intention to use OpenPubkey, a project developed in collaboration with BastionZero and recently open-sourced and donated to The Linux Foundation. This initiative aims to enhance the security of Docker Official Images.

Wrapping Up

DockerCon 2023 was a resounding success, celebrating 10 years of Docker’s impact on the world of software development. The event showcased a plethora of exciting announcements and innovations that promise to transform the way developers build, share, and run applications. With the release of Docker Desktop 4.24, new local + cloud products, AI/ML advancements, and a commitment to security through OpenPubkey, Docker continues to lead the way in containerization and developer empowerment.

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