DoorKnockerPal - Change Log

This file will provide a record of all significant changes to this product.



  • Upgrade to BigBearUI V5.

  • New backend for the UI and faster rendering.


  • Update app engine.


  • Current icon was not showing on edit custom status form.

  • Zooming on first rendering of map. (Sometimes fails do to not having users latitude and longitude.)

[7.0.0] - 2024-02-01


  • Custom Status default icons where still being served from the old CDN.

  • Uploading custom status icons.

  • Custom icons not being shown on the map for new BigBearAccounts.

  • Map was not going to users location.


  • Update to BigBearUI V4

  • Remove the Cancel button from forms.

  • Move the save button down and make it hover over the keyboard for easy access.

  • New Home Page with Stats.

  • Quick Actions on the New Home Page.

  • Instead of one navigation history, there are tabs at the bottom.

  • Improved navigation and fixed a lot of bugs.

[6.2.0] - 2023-05-04


  • At times, when switching between applications, an error message indicating no internet connection would appear.
  • The connectivity to BigBearNetwork has been enhanced.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the app to crash when attempting to change the position on the map screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when the latitude was out of bounds.
  • Clicking on the “Move Marker” option after generating a door and searching for an address may result in a white screen error.
  • Sometimes, an error or crash would occur during the login process.

[6.1.1] - 2022-10-14


  • On a regular basis, check for a connection to the BigBearNetwork.
  • When you go offline, the saving procedure will be paused until you return online.
  • Cache data for faster loading and the ability to see data while offline.


  • When having biometric authentication on you would be directed to login again.
  • On the first load of the app, biometric authentication did not appear.
  • When creating or updating a door, the keyboard would close when typing in a custom field.
  • When saving with a custom field value modified, it would fail with an unknown error because the custom field’s id was incorrect.

[6.1.0] - 2022-08-01


  • The app now caches images, and you may clear the cache from the settings panel.


  • When you tap to create a door from the map, it should return to the map when you save the door.
  • When pressing the Take Photo button, the iPad/iPhone permission was not enabled.
  • Subscriptions were not activated from the start.
  • Android now works with Touch ID.

[6.0.6] - 2022-07-10


  • Auth has been completely rewritten to include Face ID and Two Factor Authentication.
  • Google Places lookups for addresses and companies have been rebuilt and merged into a single search field.
  • Navigation is more smooth and user-friendly.


  • The map has been modified to be speedier and compatible with latest iOS versions.
  • All listings for doors, etc., should scroll faster.

Previous Releases

2021 October


  • Team Modes - Docs - Big Bear Community
  • The map screen now has a new cog & shows you how many doors are currently showing.
  • Go to address or business from the cog screen.
  • See currently showing doors & click to position the map on them.
  • Go directly to all your territories.
  • Go to your recently used doors or entered doors.


  • Move to using the new BigBearCDN
  • The changelog module directs users here for changelog now.
  • Bring more descriptive error messages.
  • Revamped search with filters
  • Move the Old DoorKnockerPal to BigBearApps

Released 4.2.1

Released on 04-19-2021


  • More servers are being added


  • Some bugs on adding doors & visits

Released 4.2 | New

Released on 08-09-2020


  • Sales System to web
  • Add an alert to inform the user to select import headings on imports
  • Importing a door now tracks the doors that where imported. You can see them in Door Imported box.


  • Allow bigger imports on the geo imports to run longer.

Released 4.0 | New

Released on 03-12-2020


  • Sales System to web
  • Add an alert to inform the user to select import headings on imports
  • Importing a door now tracks the doors that where imported. You can see them in Door Imported box.


  • Allow bigger imports on the geo imports to run longer.

Getting ready for DoorKnockerPal 4.0 | New

Released on 03-12-2020

We’re getting ready for the final version of 4.0 to go public. This version is a major version release so it has a lot of features.


  • URL paths have changed on every module so if you do have bookmarks in the browser then you will need to save the URL again.
  • Sub teams for creating & updating
  • You can clear data out of sub-teams we’re working on regular teams
  • Advanced filtering by spaces - Docs - Big Bear Community
  • Territory Management - for drawing on the map then restrict team members to that area
  • Appointment system

This is final for 4.0 & will be released soon.

This is a big release & we have a ton of tests but there could be glitches so let us know immediately on the chat so we can get it fixed.

DoorKnockerPal 4.0 Planned | Improvement

Released on 03-04-2020

We’re actively working on 4.0 if there are any features that you are wanting this would be a great time to tell us since this would be a major release.


  • Advanced filtering for your doors
  • Appointment System & Calendar
  • Territories - Draw on the map then link team members to the territories & then restrict them to territories.
  • Advanced exporting - Use filtering for exporting certain doors


  • Changing Team to Organizations so you can have teams underneath the organization.

DoorKnockerPal Web 3.6.2 | Improvement

Released on 02-16-2020

This is a quick update to fix the home button on creating a door.

DoorKnockerPal 3.6.0 Released | New

Released on 02-16-2020

We have finished releasing 3.6.0 on Web, iOS & Android. This was a big release with a lot of features.

New Features: 1. Stats bar at the top of every platform so you know how many tasks or doors you’ve knocked on today. [USER FEATURE REQUEST]

  1. Custom fields to be used with doors. [USER FEATURE REQUEST]

  2. Added a “name 2 field” with the door if you are talking to 2 people. [USER FEATURE REQUEST]

  3. When you click or press on the map in an area that you have already been, it now pops up with a box saying if you want to add a visit.

  4. Advanced importing is here so you can either import with an address or city, state & zip. You can also import with the Latitude & Longitude by letting DoorKnockerPal get it for you. [USER FEATURE REQUEST]

  5. Leaderboards can keep track of what your team members are doing. [USER FEATURE REQUEST]

Bug Fixes: 1. Android had a problem with taking pictures [FIXED]

Future plans: 1. A completely integrated sales system for products

  1. Territory Management

  2. Integrate the tasks more for doors

  3. Team member location history for accountability

###We would like to thank our users for ideas & wanting DoorKnockerPal to be better for other door knockers as well. We do listen to all feature requests so start up a chat & let us know if you have a feature idea.

DoorKnockerPal Update for 2020 | New

Released on 01-12-2020

If you notice we have been doing a lot of updates to the backend of the apps. The version number has been jumping but not much changed with features. Well, we wanted to bring you up to speed on what we’re doing.

  1. We’re working on making the backend more stable.

  2. The backend is getting a lot of features that you will be seeing in the UI in the future.

  3. Our YouTube videos are being developed & we have a lot out already so go check them out.

  4. We launched the new Big Bear Helper site for a home to hold all our apps docs plus DoorKnockerPal.

Here are Future features that we’re working up to:

  1. Being able to see a live map & who is door knocking in your team.

  2. Leaderboards for competing & seeing who is doing the best.

  3. Scheduling for meetings & syncing with your company calendar.

  4. Integration with our other Big Bear Apps.

  5. API access for other apps to hook into DoorKnockerPal.

  6. Working on notification emails for keeping managers up to speed on what is happening.

  7. We’re working actively on new safety features.

Now, this is our plans for 2020 & beyond if you have feature requests or want to beta test get in touch with us on our website in the bottom right.

DoorKnockerPal is growing bigger with more & more doors being logged every day. We saw a lot of growth in 2019 with releasing & bucking the system with our new pricing of charging for the doors logged a day instead of charging for each user. This gave our users more freedom to bring on more employees & not worrying about paying for each one which made it to where they can knock on more doors which made them more money.

We hope that you continue to help us build DoorKnockerPal into a great product in this new year. You can get in touch with us on our websites in the bottom right to start a chat.

Now get out there stay safe & knock on doors :slight_smile:

Released 3.5.0 iOS & Android | New

Released on 12-14-2019

We’re working on stability in this release, to make your door knocking experience the best possible!


  • Add Go To Address and Business in the Doors screen.
  • When you’re creating or updating it now makes the draft so you can continue later.
  • Added more View More to all the boxes.


  • Team Invites were broken when saving from the last release.
  • Team Members - Some bugs popped up in here in the last release.
  • Team Settings

Google API was down | Fix

Released on 12-11-2019

We have noticed that Google API for Maps & Geocode was not working. It is back up & working. We’re monitoring the situation. If you have any questions feel free to start a chat on our website.

Released 3.4.14 Web, iOS & Android | New

Released on 12-10-2019

This release brings some new features like accessing the import & export from iOS & Android. There where a bunch of bug fixes thanks to our users for reporting them.

We have new docs & design! | New

Released on 12-10-2019

We want to bring together all our apps into one unified website. With all our docs in one place & searchable you can always get the right info when you need it. is now the destination for all our future & current apps.

Updates to our TOS & Privacy Policy | New

Released on 12-10-2019

We have done some updates to our TOS & Privacy to bring together with the BigBearTechWorld Policies

Release for iOS & Android 3.4.4 | New

Released on 11-04-2019

Today was a release day for adding themes to our apps & DoorKnockerPal was the first to receive a public release.

Want to try out the new themes?

Scroll down to Change Theme on the home & pick a color then save.

We hope you like the new colors for your Door Knocking adventures!

Accountability is coming | New

Released on 09-18-2019

We have been working on a new feature for Accountability. If you put in a door far from the location of the door it will go into the Accountability module so the Admins of the team can see the discrepancy. We know that this has been a big thing for employers to know if your employees are actually door knocking so we wanted to try to help with this.

When admins look at the map wouldn’t it be nice to see your team members & where they are? Well, we have another new feature that we’re actively working on to help with knowing if your team members are door knocking or just entering doors from a location without going up to the door.

When can you expect these features? Right now they’re in development & testing. So you can expect Accountability to be in the Lab soon.

DoorKnockerPal is constantly evolving & getting better so if you have a feature request please feel free to start a chat in the bottom right & tell Big Bear Support about your idea

The search engine has been updated | Improvement

Released on 09-12-2019

We have done some overhauling in the search engine to make it more stable & faster. The map shows more icons than before as well. Stay tuned for more improvements!

If you find any bugs with this new update please don’t hesitate to start a chat in the bottom right!

Importing & Exporting is now here! | New

Released on 09-09-2019

You can now import & export the doors that you visit.

With importing we wanted it to be as easy as possible for our users to import. So we decided to make a custom import so you can have any format on the CSV file from any other company. How it works is you just match up the CSV Headers with our predefined fields & DoorKnockerPal handles the importing of your CSV file. Right now you currently must have a latitude & Longitude or you will have to manually go through each door to add the latitude/longitude by moving the map.

Now with exporting you just click on the export button then you receive an email or you can watch the status to download it.

With importing & exporting only admins have the privilege right now. Right now importing & exporting is only available on the web app.

Hope you like these new features!

New release 3.3.0 for the web app | Improvement

Released on 09-06-2019

We have completed the rebuild of the web app. It should be faster & more fluid. If you have any problems feel free to start a chat.

Update on what we’re working on | New

Released on 09-05-2019

Currently, we’re working on the web app with some big changes to improve the experience.

  1. We have totally been redesigning the backend from the ground up to be more stable.

  2. Working on import & export

  3. Redesigning some of the UI to be easier.

The web app has taken a lot of time so the iOS & Android update schedule has been pushed back until these changes are complete. If you have any questions or need support feel free to start a chat in the bottom right.

Released iOS Update 3.2.3-1 | New

Released on 07-06-2019

This is a fix for the Door Quota. You should see a dialog that pops up just click Install.

The Android update is coming soon!

The free team is now here | Improvement

Released on 07-06-2019

We have looked over our pricing & we have decided to remove the 7-day free trial because we had people say that 7 days is not long enough to go door-knocking. You can now use Door Knocker Pal Free Team for as long as you want within the set limits.

Hope everybody had a great 4th of July!

If you have any questions please start a chat with us in the bottom right.

We just released 3.2.2 to web | New

Released on 06-07-2019

We have released 3.2.2 to the web app this update includes some great new features & bug fixes.

  1. Custom Statuses

  2. Objections are now officially released.

  3. You can now edit the door info from the visit

We hope you like these new features & if you find any bugs or want to let us know of an idea chat with us in the bottom right.

We’re hard at work on the next new features!

iOS & Android App updates are being released soon!

Big Bear Account Transition has completed | New

Released on 05-31-2019

We have everybody moved over to the new account system where Big Bear Accounts are slowly taking over. If you see any problems please start a chat with us in the bottom right!

Transitioning to Big Bear Accounts | Improvement

Released on 05-26-2019

We’re transitioning our public & invite-only products over to one account. This will not change anything on your end it will just make it to where if you want to use our other apps you just sign in with your one account that you created on DoorKnockerPal. The transition for DoorKnockerPal is happening over this week & if you see any errors or can’t log in please chat with us on one of our product sites or the main site & we will fix it as soon as possible. Hope all of our users are having a great Memorial Day!

DoorKnockerPal on Zapier | New

Released on 05-20-2019

We have officially added Zapier support to DoorKnockerPal. You can watch for new doors to be added & transfer that door to any other software that Zapier supports. This means you can keep adding your new doors to your CRM ETC… We look forward to seeing what you do with this new Zapier integration. Suggest some triggers or actions that you want by starting up a chat. Click the link below to be added to DoorKnockerPal on Zapier.

Objections just shipped to web | New

Released on 04-28-2019

You can now add custom objections to your doors & visits. When you knock on the door & they say “I need to speak to my wife” ETC… It lets you pick what they said so you can keep a great detailed history of the door.

iOS & Android is coming soon!

iOS & Android Update 3.1.5 | New

Released on 04-24-2019

You can get this update by going in & out of the app. This update has some features & bug fixes in it.

  1. Add checkboxes to the doors & visits form for “Answered door?”, “Potential Client?” & “Did you leave a door hanger?” this makes it faster at selecting them instead of opening up a slider.

  2. We have added more detail to the visits list to show the address & who it was.

  3. Add notes to the visits infobox so you can see without going in the edit.

Bug Fixes for iOS & Android 3.1.4 | Fix

Released on 04-23-2019

We did some bug fixes today & some performance tuning. When you manually create a door it now adds the address to the button you press. This release is going to be available soon to iOS & Android by going in/out of the app.

We’re currently hard at work getting the image uploading prepared & uploaded to the App Stores.

3.1.3 New Update for iOS | New

Released on 04-22-2019

We have a brand new update for you on iOS. You can get this update by going in & out of the app. This update brings you three more features.

  1. Recently Used Visits or Doors - When you view a door or visit it now shows up in the section for you to remember where you left off.

  2. Bookmarks - Now you can bookmark a door & visit if you need to remember it down the line.

  3. App History - When you close the app now it remembers where you closed it & will now ask you if you want to continue where you left off.

1 & 2 are only available in the new team subscriptions. If you need help on upgrading to the new subscriptions start a chat in the bottom right & support will be glad to help you get upgraded. Remember with the new subscriptions you can add unlimited team members and you just pay based on doors & quota’s per team.

Hope you like these new features & we have more features like Image Uploading next. Android is going to be getting these features soon!

Dropping support for old app versions | Improvement

Released on 04-19-2019

We’re officially announcing that all the old versions of DoorKnockerPal will be dropped from support. They’re falling behind in features & 3.0 is taking over. If you’re still on one of these versions you will need to go ahead & update through Google Play or iOS App Store. Don’t know what this is we’re here to help just start a chat & we will help you get updated!

The versions that are no longer supported & will be gone is 1.0 & 2.0.

Bookmarks & Recently Used | New

Released on 04-18-2019

We have added 2 new productivity features for you.

The first one is bookmarks you can go into a door or visit then see the Bookmark button & click it. Then you will find the new bookmark in the bookmarks on the home page.

The second one is Recently Used you can view, or interact with a door or visit & it will show up in the recently used section.

New Team Subscriptions | Improvement

Released on 04-16-2019

We would like to introduce our new subscriptions. It is based on how many doors you knock on instead of how many users you can have in a team. Now you can have an unlimited number of team members & you just pay for the doors they knock on. We have grand-fathered the ones that are on the old per user plans. You can keep your old per user plan but you will not get all the new, shiny features that are introduced from now on. We hope that you like this new change with the subscriptions & try out the new features that we have coming soon.

Introducing Labs | New

Released on 02-16-2019

eWe would like to introduce you to Labs it’s a new concept that we’re releasing to show you in the works features. The Lab is to get feedback & see if our users like the features that is in the Lab. The catch is these features are in preview/testing so they could stay or leave. If these features get promoted to the main app then they might go onto a plan that you’re not paying for. So if that happens you would need to upgrade to the plan to continue to use the feature.

Brand New UI | New

Released on 01-08-2019

We have made a brand new UI. When we were making it we really took into account how it can be easier to use. So we set out to build a very simple & fast UI. We hope you like it & it improves your door knocking experience!