Emailcove - Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.



  • Env syncing
  • Cache the emails for faster loading
  • Load the emails with a viewport set and adjust the zoom


  • When switching between apps, it occasionally stated that there was no internet connection.
  • Improved the connection to BigBearNetwork.

2021 December


  • Order cove emails to latest

2021 November


  • You can’t go directly to a email for some reason.
  • Media was erroring out.
  • Some emails that where not formatted correctly was not showing any content.
  • Move all the modals over to faster and better performance.


  • Description to the coves so we can tell what they’re about and what they’re for.
  • Namespaces to where you can see the coves connected.


  • Move old emailcove over to BigBearApps.