Error: UniFi Network Application LXC - RESOLVED

I’m installing UniFi Network Application LXC and it gave an error.

Creating a Unifi LXC using the above default settings
✓ Using local for Template Storage.
✓ Using local-lvm for Container Storage.
✓ Updated LXC Template List

  • Creating LXC Container /unable to create CT 101 - unsupported debian version ‘12.2’
    -bash: line 182: exit: A problem occured while trying to create container.: numeric argument required

Could you try selecting the ‘Advanced’ option in the menus and then choose either Debian 11 or Ubuntu? This might help to determine if the issue is specific to Debian 12.2. Additionally, could you let me know which version of Proxmox you are currently using? Knowing the version could be crucial in diagnosing the problem. Lastly, have you been regularly running updates on your system? Keeping your system updated can sometimes resolve compatibility issues.

I managed to solve it with your tip with the “Advanced” option. So I chose Debian 11, but another error appeared

the version of proxmox is 7.4

Are you able to run?


In the pve shell.

follow the image

Can you run in the shell:

getent hosts | awk '{ print $1 }'

Also, try it again and see.

Can you run with verbose mode?

Have you tried to turn on verbose mode at the end of advanced prompts?


The “deb” repository is having a problem

I’m able to resolve by


Do you have any blockers running, like Adguard Home or Pi-Hole? Also, try to resolve the domain:




Thank you, I managed to solve it, and it is now functional, resolving the blockage I was having in the firewall

Awesome, glad it’s now working! If you have any more details, you could add them here and mark them as the solution so they might help other people in the future.