Errors on Zigbee2MQTT on Sonoff Dongle-E

Flash the Stick

To flash your stick, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Firmware Builder:
  1. Connect the Stick:
  1. Download the Firmware:
  • While waiting for the connection, download the firmware version 7.4.1 from this link.
  1. Upload the Firmware:
  • Click Change Firmware.
  • Select Upload your own firmware.
  • Upload the downloaded firmware file and click Install.
  1. Verify Installation:
  • Once the installation is complete, reconnect to the stick and ensure that the 7.4.1 firmware is showing.

Troubleshooting Errors

Error: z2m: Error: NCP EZSP protocol version of 12 does not match Host version 13

  • Solution: Update the firmware to the latest working version:
  • If updating to 7.4.1 doesn’t resolve the issue, set the adapter to ezsp and then switch back to ember after it works.
adapter: ezsp

Then switch back to:

adapter: ember

Error: Error: [BACKUP] Current backup file is from an unsupported EZSP version (min: 12)

  • Solution: This error occurs when transitioning from an older firmware version to 7.4.2. Downgrading to 7.3.* might not work; instead, revert to firmware version 7.4.1.

Error: z2m: Error: Failed to start EZSP layer with status=HOST_FATAL_ERROR

  • Solution: This error indicates a mismatch in the baud rate of the firmware version. Ensure you are using the correct firmware with the appropriate baud rate.

Error: zh:ezsp:uart: --> Error: Error: {"sequence":-1} after 10000ms zh:ezsp:ezsp: Connection attempt 2 error: Error: Failure to connect

  • Solution: Check your serial port and ensure it’s correct. Also, verify that you are using the correct firmware and baud rate.