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Hi everybody…
Have a technical question I’d like to ask?
The question is when installing and using the google chrome application on CasaOS…I don’t find any files that I have downloaded (01.mp3, 01.jpeg, 01.rar) when I log in as root to CasaOS. More precisely, the directory position of the file. I have tried several methods but still can’t find the downloaded file. What I found was that the position of the file was within the user with the kasm_user account. (/home/kasm-user/Downloads/)
What do you think I should do to check the existence of this file via CasaOS root? So I can move it into the folder directory that I like.

It seems this also applies to using other browsers via CasaOS, (firefox, opera, Brave).

Thank you again for your suggestions and input.

Good question I changed this in the new update: