Gluetun Transmission Issue


I have setup Gluetun on Casa OS using your instructions but I can’t seem to get a Casa app to actually use the gluetun network.

For example I have Transmission installed and using your bash script to edit the app I put the line network_mode: "container:gluetun" in. I removed all the ports from Transmission and also added them into the Gluetun settings.

When I do docker exec transmission wget -qO- I only see my public IP. Also the web ui for Transmission is no longer accessible.

If I do docker exec big-bear-gluetun wget -qO- I can see the VPN IP so I know Gluetun is connected fine and working.

I can send over the full docker compose files if you let me know which ones would be helpful. I’m hoping I have maybe just missed a step somewhere.

Thanks a lot!


Double-check the network_mode Configuration : Ensure that the network_mode: "container:gluetun" line is correctly placed under the other docker compose file service and that there are no typos or formatting issues.

Logs for Clues : Checking logs can often provide insights into what might be going wrong. You can view the logs for both containers using:

I do not provide any support for anything to do with torrents.

Instead of Transmission you can setup another docker compose:

version: '3.8'

    image: alpine
    container_name: test-container
    network_mode: "container:gluetun"
      - sh
      - -c
      - |
        apk add --no-cache curl &&
        while true; do sleep 3600; done
    restart: unless-stopped

Testing External IP Address

To check the external IP address seen by the test-container (which should be the IP address provided by your VPN service via gluetun), run:

docker exec test-container curl -s; echo

Testing DNS Resolution

You might also want to verify that DNS resolution is working correctly through the VPN. You can do so by resolving a well-known domain name to its IP address:

docker exec test-container nslookup

or using curl to access a website:

docker exec test-container curl -sI | head -n 1

Ok I’m happy to use another app as an example but it would be useful to use one that is installed on the Casa OS app so I can replicate the steps on other apps. Alpine doesnt look to be available on the app store.

I’ve installed Dozzle but there is no errors being logged which are obviously related to Gluetun.

You will need to install it as a custom app in Casa OS also you will need to remove network_mode and then add that back with the big bear script to edit the docker-compose.

Hi, I managed to get it working by selecting the container:gluetun via Portainer.

It wouldnt work adding it manually using your bash script but once I added it through Portainer it immediately worked.

For others struggling I downloaded Portainer on the Casa OS app store and then opened it and went to Containers > app_to_edit > Duplicate / Edit > Network tab. I then changed network to “Container” and container to “Gluetun”.

Then scroll up a bit and deploy the container again. You still need to make sure you have removed the ports from the app you are trying to connect the VPN through and that you have added those same ports to Gluetun.

Thanks for your help anyway!