Having trouble setting up custom DNS on Cosmos-Cloud

I’ve tried going through your video.

I’d like to use something like cosmos.myperonaldomain.com.

  1. In Cloudflare I have 2 A records, one for myperonsldomain.com and one for *.mypersonaldomain.com.
  2. I also setup the API Token.
  3. I also tied what you listed as an update to the video, but I’m getting the following error.

If you read the page the error suggests it says you can’t have more then 10 accounts per IP every 3 hours. So I guess I have to wait for 3 hours until I can test anything out. Is there a way to use a non-letsencrypt cert from Cloudflare so I can have a little more freedom with the lockouts while I test settings till I get it working?