How to Add an Additional Storage Drive from Proxmox to CasaOS in a Virtual Machine

Adding extra storage to your CasaOS setup in a Proxmox virtual environment can greatly enhance your system’s capabilities. Whether it’s for additional media storage, project files, or backup, integrating a new drive is a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through each step, from identifying the drive in Proxmox to configuring it in CasaOS.

Step 1: Identifying the Drive in Proxmox

First, log in to your Proxmox web interface. You’ll need to find the drive you wish to add:

  1. Navigate to ‘Datacenter’ and select your Proxmox node.
  2. Under ‘Disks’, locate your drive. It will have an identifier like /dev/sda or /dev/sdb.
  3. Note this identifier for later use.

Step 2: Preparing the Drive (Optional)

If your drive is new or needs a different file system:

  1. Format the drive using Proxmox’s tools. This can be done through the web interface or command line.
  2. Be cautious: formatting erases all data on the drive.

Step 3: Attaching the Drive to the VM

Now, attach the drive to your CasaOS VM:

  1. In Proxmox, go to ‘Virtual Machines’ and select your CasaOS VM.
  2. In the ‘Hardware’ tab, click ‘Add’ and select ‘Hard Disk’.
  3. Choose the drive you identified and set the parameters like bus type.

Step 4: Initializing the Drive in CasaOS

After attaching the drive:

  1. Start your CasaOS VM.
  2. Log into CasaOS and navigate to Storage Manager.
  3. CasaOS might require you to format or partition the drive.

Step 5: Adding the Drive to CasaOS’s Storage List

In CasaOS:

  1. Go to the Storage Manager section.
  2. Your new drive should be detected and listed here.
  3. Configure it according to your requirements.

Step 6: Mounting and Using the Drive

  1. Mount the drive in CasaOS to a specific directory, if necessary.
  2. Use the drive for storing files, running applications, or other services.
  3. You can also mount the drive to /DATA/AppData to store your Docker binds.


Integrating additional storage into CasaOS through Proxmox expands your system’s functionality and provides more space for various uses. Always back up important data before proceeding.

The BigBearTechWorld tutorial on YouTube uses the helper script on Proxmox VE Helper-Scripts | Scripts for Streamlining Your Homelab with Proxmox VE to create CasaOS container. I followed this method so do not have a Hardware tab for the container.

Is there a way to add additional drives to CasaOS when installed as a container?