How to install Focalboard on Portainer

I’ll guide you through the process of installing Focalboard step-by-step on Portainer.

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Running flawless

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

i have a question might be noob side i just saw the video to setup uptime kuma using dokage…i that u dint mention container_name because you added in dokage just in case i want to add a yml and install via docker compose do i need to define container_name in that ?


If you omit the container_name field in your Docker Compose YAML file, Docker will assign a random name to the container, which may not always be desirable.

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so i can choose any name i desire ? like container_name=miakhalifa

While you have the flexibility to select any name for the container_name in your Docker Compose YAML file, it’s advisable to opt for names that are meaningful and descriptive. This practice enhances clarity and organizational structure within your environment.

hahaha sure sir it was just an example but i understood the point lol :smiley:

hi again sir , i installed vault warden but when i add new entry it shows error “error occured…invalid refresh token”

Could you start a new thread about this?

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surely , i wanted to do so but thought then this forum will be filled with my issues only lol

Every issue that is different should go into another thread to keep each thread on track and organized.

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