How to install Pi-Hole on CasaOS using BigBearCasaOS

Discover How to Install Pi-Hole on CasaOS using our App Store BigBearCasaOS! :sparkles: In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step, ensuring you’re set up and ready to go in no time.

disable and stop systemd-resolved service, terminal displays “Failed to disable unit: Unit file systemd-resolved.service does not exist.”
“Failed to stop systemd-resolved.service: Unit systemd-resolved.service not loaded.”

@Galo_Loor It looks systemd-resolved.service is not on your system. Are you able to get the pi-hole working?

What OS are you running?

is not working, i am raspberrypi 64 bit headless , i installed casa os on the raspberri pi by copying the link from casaOs website, i did a similar procces on another pi but i used a desktop version of rasberry os, and that one is working just fine, i have multiple networks on a uinifi dream pro se so thats why im trying to set up more raspberry pi

Are you getting any errors on the Pi-Hole app? Can you check the logs?

Also, how did you install Docker?

i didnt install docker

Ok. Are you getting any errors on the Pi-Hole app? Can you check the logs?

You don’t need systemd-resolved.service running, so that’s good. You need port 53 to be clear, that’s all.

Can you run to make sure port 53 is clear?

lsof -i :53

port 53 is clear, now i cant acces pihole unound app, trying to redownload it but i cant download it

CasaOS thinks there’s something on port 53. You can check again or try restarting CasaOS just to make sure.

Can you run this script just to make sure Docker is installed properly?

thank you so much, everything is working well, i to had also re new the ip lease on computer to see results on pihole dashboard, also i have to switch back and forth on the network that my computer is (udm pr se) connected to so i can access each casaos dashboard.

I don’t use UDM Pro anymore, but you would need to set the CasaOS - pi-hole LAN IP on Network > DHCP > DNS Servers, I think.

Glad you got it working!

you are the best, thanks alot, what network equipment do you use now?

Thank you, and you’re welcome! I’m glad I could help! My network got bigger, so I’m using netgate/pfsense now.

thanks, and have a goodnight.

You have a great night as well!

If you have time, can you write down everything you have done and post it here so it can help other people?

Will do, I’ll put something together