How to propperly use crafty and a minecraft server with CasaOS and Cloudflared

So, yesterday i struggled to quite high hours trying to get this working, i got a CasaOS install running and working with cloudflared tunnel. I replicated this video: with the crafty pannel,

But neither the crafty panel nor the minecraft server work using the external domain, everything works perfectly with internal IPS.

EDIT 1: I do want to add that when i try i get 502’d, with the server it just says no further response.

EDIT 2: looking back at the picture, tried using localhost instead of and still doesnt work

Ended up resolving it using, took me less than 5 minutes.

And just made it a service with this:

Awesome, glad you got it working. The only thing with cloudflare tunnels is that they restrict things. So I don’t know if game servers would ever work.