How to Uninstall CasaOS from Your System

CasaOS is a streamlined, user-friendly home cloud OS that helps you create your personal cloud easily. While it’s loved for its simplicity and efficiency in managing personal services and data, there might come a time when you need to uninstall it from your system. Whether you’re upgrading, switching to a different platform, or simply no longer needing it, uninstalling CasaOS is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Before You Uninstall

Before proceeding with the uninstallation, it’s crucial to back up any important data you have on CasaOS to avoid losing it. Once you start the uninstallation process, there’s no going back, and any data stored exclusively on CasaOS could be lost forever.

  1. Backup /DATA/AppData: This directory contains your app data and configurations. Backing up this folder ensures you can restore your apps to their previous state after the downgrade.
  2. Backup /var/lib/casaos/apps: This directory holds CasaOS docker compose files.

Uninstalling CasaOS Version v0.3.3 or Newer

For those running CasaOS version v0.3.3 or newer, the process has been simplified thanks to the built-in uninstall command.

Step 1: Open Your Terminal

Access the terminal on the system running CasaOS. This might involve connecting via SSH if you’re not directly interacting with the device.

Step 2: Execute the Uninstall Command

In the terminal, execute the following command:


This command initiates the uninstallation process, automatically removing CasaOS from your system. Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Uninstalling CasaOS Before Version v0.3.3

If you’re running a version of CasaOS older than v0.3.3, you’ll need to use a curl command to run the uninstallation script.

Step 1: Open Your Terminal

Just like with newer versions, start by accessing your system’s terminal or command line interface.

Step 2: Run the Uninstallation Script

Copy and paste the following command into your terminal:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash

This command fetches and executes the official CasaOS uninstallation script directly from the IceWhale repository, handling all the necessary steps to remove CasaOS from your device.

Final Steps

After completing the steps for your specific version, it’s a good practice to reboot your system. This ensures that all changes take effect and that CasaOS is fully removed from your system. Use the command sudo reboot to safely restart your system.