Immich - Consumed all space on hard drive

Hi, I installed Immich using the CasaOS store and uploaded ~330GB of photos and ~650GB of Google Takeout files that I had not yet decided on how I was going to add to Immich.

I turned off face detection and facial recognition to allow the initial processing complete and left the system to generate thumbnails etc.

When I checked on it today, CasaOS had stopped and I could not restart it. I am new to Proxmox and CasaOS was not sure what to do so reverted CasaOS using a snapshot and was able to login again.

I then discovered that the 2TB drive I had mounted was full

I am not sure where to go next, ‘localcloud’ is still listed in the CasaOS resources (I created the Snapshot after I added the mount point) but root/mnt is now empty

I mounted the drive to my Windows machine just to see if anything was visible but wasn’t sure what to look for

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have the files available on other drives so have only lost time.

I would recommend reattaching the drive to CasaOS or another LXC, then going into the console, installing ncdu, and finding where the space is being used.

Large database files, logs, and thumbnail directories could be huge. Since the drive is formatted in ext4, Windows might now be able to see the files. (I haven’t used Windows in years, though.).

I tried to mount the drive again but got the following error message.

Do you already have it mounted because it does have mmp?