Immich on Portainer - Errors

Hi there, I recently have spent a few hours trying to figure out what i could have done wrong following your guide on how to install Immich on Portainer. I have followed your steps on setting up the Portainer on an LXC and that is running fine. However, when I go to deploy from the composer it runs into an error.

Any insight what this means and how I could fix this? I also tried yesterday to do Pi-Hole the same way and got the same errors.

The error message you’re encountering suggests that there might be issues with pulling Docker images for your stack deployment. Here are a few steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Disk Space: Ensure your system has enough disk space to accommodate the new Docker images. You can check disk usage with:
df -h
  1. Docker Daemon Status: Verify that the Docker daemon is running correctly. You can check the status by running:
sudo systemctl status docker

If it’s not running, start it with:

sudo systemctl start docker
  1. Retry Pulling Images: Manually pull the images to see if they download correctly. For example:
docker pull immich/machine-learning
docker pull immich/server
docker pull immich/microservices
  1. Restart Docker : Sometimes restarting Docker can solve issues. Restart the Docker service with:
sudo systemctl restart docker

Try these steps and let me know the results.

Hi there thank you for your response. I found that I needed to make my LXC again as it was only with 4GB storage, I couldn’t find documentation on how to resize it so made it again. I found the proxmox ve helper scripts site helped a lot.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you got it working. Here is how to resize your Proxmox LXC root disk:

Thank you for sharing this! Would you say its best to run multiple dockers on a Portainer LXC or have multiple LXC for each service?

Depends on what you need:

  • Multiple LXCs:
    • Advantages: Separation of services, increased security, and stability. Each service is isolated, so if one LXC goes down, others remain unaffected.
    • Disadvantages: More overhead due to multiple containers, which can consume more system resources.
  • Single Portainer LXC:
    • Advantages: Less overhead, simpler management, and resource efficiency. All services are managed from one place.
    • Disadvantages: If that LXC goes down, all services within it go down.

Additionally, consider whether your services need to be proxied. If these services are very important, you could implement a load balancer to distribute traffic and improve redundancy.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and the criticality of the services you are running.

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