Immich Update do 1.101

I’m new to the world of CasaOS and I have trouble understanding how the process of updating applications from BigBearCasaOS AppStore works. Do I have to update the applications myself or is it automatic?

For example, the current version of Immich is 1.101 from what I see on GitHub. In BBAppStore it is version 1.100.0. The Immich mobile app suggests to me that the server app is out of date.

How to update it?


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basically, the owner of the Appstore (BigBearCasaOS) has to update his Script, and then you will be able to update to the newest release. Normally, its updated rather quickly, but sometimes it can take a couple of days. We need to be patient. It is a one man Team after all(?).


I strive to address all updates promptly; however, there may be times when something slips my attention. Should you have any updates or reminders for me, please feel free to initiate a forum post at your convenience.

For each update, the process is as follows: it is first documented on our Dashboard, accessible at Dependency Dashboard · Issue #27 · bigbeartechworld/big-bear-casaos · GitHub. My next step involves reviewing the update before integrating it. Once merged, your CasaOS system will automatically detect and apply the new update within approximately 10 minutes, ensuring your system stays up-to-date.

To ensure the utmost safety and allow for community testing, there is a waiting period of three days before any update is merged. This period also grants the developers the opportunity to retract the update should any issues arise.

Yes, you’re right. I do try to address it within three days, but sometimes I become too busy. Thank you for being patient with me on this.

If you would like, please donate if you all can: It helps with maintaining all this. :slight_smile:

This update has been pushed.


Thank you! Now I understand that I just need to be a little patient. Great job and thank you again for your quick response.

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