In depth exploration of constellation vpn in cosmos cloud

I would love to see somebody to do a tutorial on the constellation vpn on cosmos cloud. I know it’s still in beta, but it sounds like it can be a very powerful feature. More specifically, the advanced features. The documentation talks about the basic features alright, but does not go into any depth about the more advanced features like multi server or multi site cosmos cloud installations with the cosmos vpn. I would like to know to to host a container app on one server and have it’s traffic be routed through a main installation.

I haven’t played with the constellation yet. But when I do, I’ll look into making a video!

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For sure! Let me know what you think about it when you try it out! Obviously, those that want their own custom solutions and know a bit about container networking will just use their own solutions, but it’s pretty nifty that they included this for those that want this feature baked in! Keep in mind, it is in beta. Sometimes there are glitches, such as being “connected” but unable to access things behind the vpn. In this case, just recreate the config for the device that is having trouble connecting and add that config to the device. Worked for me. Also, until they sort out that particular issue, don’t put the admin panel behind the vpn or you might not be able to access it anymore, lol