Installed the nextcloud from BigBearCasaOs app repository

Hi, thank you for providing this very good resource for CasaOs. I installed the nextcloud and using the default login (casaos, casaos) it does not work.
In Docker the configuration is the default as below:

Do you have any recommendation on how to solve this?

Have you followed the video: Streamline Nextcloud Installation on CasaOS with BigBearCasaOS

Thanks it works now. It may be a security feature that if one fails several times the login it does not go further.

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Good afternoon
I’m trying to enter the following in the nextcloud login and password form:
casaos casaos
I’m thrown back to the input form and I can’t log in.
How can I resolve the problem?

Are you sure you are using the same credentials you signed up with in Nextcloud not your CasaOS?