Introducing DoorKnockerPal 6.0: The Latest Release

Last Updated: 2022-07-10

We’ve revamped the iOS, Android, and Web App with a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use. Our redesign incorporates BigBearUI v3, offering a more seamless and uniform user interface. Every page includes a back button, a question mark, and a home button located in the top left and right corners. If you encounter any confusion or need assistance, click the question mark in the top right to access the page’s documentation. In addition, the map has been optimized to load faster.

We’ve streamlined and decluttered the home screen, making it more user-friendly. Quick actions are available, allowing you to perform tasks such as quickly accessing files. To conduct a search, simply click on the search icon located in the upper right corner.

We took your feedback on the inflexible search experience in BigBearUI V2, and made improvements. Now, as soon as you begin typing, the search feature will display “I’m looking for…” prompting you to select what you would like to search for.

When creating a door or filling out a form, you’ll notice that the Cancel button is on the left and the Save button is on the right, consistently located at the top. Additionally, text inputs have been updated with a fresh design and now include the option to modify or search for an address using Google Places.

When a Latitude and Longitude are linked, you’ll notice that a button to move the marker around becomes available, freeing up valuable screen space that would otherwise be occupied by the map.

We’ve updated our list views to make them more user-friendly. To simplify the process, we’ve added Filters and Sort By buttons at the top for easy filtering and sorting.

DoorKnockerPal Docs

Access all of our documentation easily by clicking the question mark located in the top right corner of the app, ensuring that you can always find the help you need while using our product.

DoorKnockerPal App Store Links

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DoorKnockerPal 6.0 Change Log


This was the first version of BigBearUI V3.


  • NEW: Auth has been completely rewritten to include Face ID and Two Factor Authentication.

  • NEW: Google Places lookups for addresses and companies have been rebuilt and merged into a single search field.

  • NEW: Navigation is more smooth and user-friendly.

  • FIX: The map has been modified to be speedier and compatible with latest iOS versions.

  • FIX: All listings for doors, etc., should scroll faster.