Just installed Codex-Docs, how to login?

I just installed CodeX Docs, but I can’t edit anything, what is the default password to start using CodeX Docs?

Have you went through the video:

I did, but unfortunately the video didn’t cover the password that is set within the config file. I ended up finding it in the config and got in.

Thanks for the reply!

@007darkmatter5 I now notice that I didn’t have to enter a password. Weird. Glad you got it figured out. Can you post the instructions to help other people?

In CasaOS I clicked Files and browsed to AppData, next big-bear-codex-docs, from there I clicked the yaml file to open it in CasaOS, in the file is the auth section with password:. Set your password there. You can save the file and then just restart the container from the CasaOS main page.