Log your meals, restaurants, and people, and then review them

Last Updated: 2022-07-26

Mealinvy makes it incredibly simple to log your meals for health purposes or simply to keep track of what you eat and log the calories.

Creating a meal

Take pictures of the food as soon as you get it so that you have a solid representation of how that restaurant is performing. When you add a restaurant or a server to a meal, it becomes public to assist the community in locating good food nearby.

Checking in to a restaurant

When you go to a restaurant, you check in and then click to see if you’re seated. If you click if you’re seated now, you can take images of the restaurant and menus to aid the community and to look back on the menus.

Checking out of the restaurant

Take a picture of the check and total the tip. Know how much you’re spending at a particular restaurant or with a particular server, etc… When you leave the restaurant, the checkin is automatically terminated.

Sharing meals with other Mealinvy users.

If you have a spouse or friend who ordered the same thing as you, you may share it with them and they can choose whether to clone or change the meal. This prevents them from entering the meal when you have already done so.

Review restaurant and people

When you check in to a restaurant, you can now review the restaurant and server to assist the community in locating a restaurant and even requesting the top-rated server.

Favorite a restaurant or server

Remember which restaurants you liked and which servers you liked. This can come in handy when you want to return to that restaurant but forget the name or the server you had.

Private info for person

If you have private information, such as a phone number or an email address, you can enter it into Mealinvy to keep track of it. This information is private to you.

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