Mealinvy - Meals


Make a meal log to keep track of everything you eat at the table. Add several photographs while keeping track of the description, calories, type, restaurant, and time noted. When you add a restaurant to a meal, it becomes public on the restaurant’s page to assist people select what to eat. You can add the server to the meal after you’ve added a restaurant to keep track of who served you.

Create Meal Screen

There is multiple ways to create a meal. You can create a meal from the dashboard quick actions or click the Meals > Actions > Create Meal button.

This is the screen where you enter a meal into your meal log. When we create apps, we want them to be self-explanatory and simple to use.


  • Cancel button: Would take you back to the actions tab.
  • Save button: Would save the meal and take you to the new meal.
  • Back button: Would either take you back to the meals list or let you know to save the meal.


  • Files: Add photos to this meal.
  • Description: Add the meal in detail. So you can search for it later.
  • Calories: Add the calories of the meal.
  • Type: Add the type of meal you ate.
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizer
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Beverage
  • Snack
  • Supplement
  • Dessert
  • Restaurant: Add the restaurant you ate at. This will make the meal public on the restaurant’s page.
  • Server: Add the server you has at the restaurant. Once you add the server this meal will become public on the server’s page.
  • Logged At: Add the time you ate the meal.

Show Meal Screen

When you view a meal you have multiple actions that you can take to edit and manage the meal.


  • Edit Meal button: This button would take you to the edit meal screen.
  • Favorite button: If you go this meal often you can favorite it. You can see this meal in your favorites to get to at any time to re-post it.
  • Share Meal button: If you have a person on Mealinvy that has there own account like a Friend or Family member you can share a meal with them so they can see it or re-post it as their own.
  • Clone Meal button: Need a meal similar to this one? This button would take you to the clone meal screen.
  • Delete Meal button: If you don’t want this meal in your meal log anymore you can delete it.

Easily switch tabs to info or see all your images of this meal.