Nextcloud and nginx proxy manager

I have a problem that nextcloud works without any problems, nginx also works without any problems, I can access the browser version of nextcloud through nginx also without any problems, but for some reason when I try to run nextcloud in the Android application it just doesn’t want to let me log in, after selecting the addres in the application it continues , but when I try to log in, I get the following error: Strict mode, no HTTP connection allowed!. I tried to find a solution on the Internet but nothing helped.

I will start a similar topic, but with a different, more fitting tag (I don’t know if they can be changed)

The error message “Strict mode, no HTTP connection allowed!” you’re encountering when trying to log into your Nextcloud instance via the Android app suggests that the app is enforcing a security measure to prevent login attempts over unsecured HTTP connections.

Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate.