Nginx Proxy manager to Kasm

At this time i have a Nginx Proxy manager running and ive set this up for the settings.

The port 3343 is what ive assigned to Kasm within the CasaOS settings. i have mapped ports 3000 to port 3001 and then i have port 443 set to 3443 all of higher numbers are on the host side not the container side. i have it mapped to the nginx proxy manager network as well.the env line for port on Kasm is still set to port 443 as well.

I have tried changing the port to Kasm and ive tried all other options to get it to work but when i try going to the site ive bound it too i get this
Once trying to connect i get a error 502 code and no matter what options i do try i cant seem to get it to respond correctly
But it will respond off the port as well i havent touched Nginx config because everything i do i get a error If needed i can provide that config as well.
i have tried other apps as well and they do still give me errors just the same so im not exactly sure whats going on but a fix would be nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and lets hope this is a easy fix so i can get this all working :slight_smile:

A small update im now getting the famous error code 400 i was able too after countless tries got it to respond with no gateway issues but now im getting the famous 400 :frowning:

In the Forward Hostname/IP Change this to your CasaOS IP, where the app is hosted. Also, make sure Scheme, Forward Hostname/IP, and Forward Port are exactly how you get to them in the browser.