Over quota on doors?

I recently upgraded my subscription only to be told that I’m over quota on the doors for have knocked. I’ve don’t at best 20-30! What are the limits on the first tier of subscription?

The limit on the first tier is 50 a day; if you only do 20 to 30, you should not of reached the limit.


This is still being investigated, so I temporarily bypassed your limit so you can still doorknock.


Upon further looking into this, I don’t see that you’re subscribed with the email you signed up with on BigBearCommunity. If you have another BigBearAccount, then please DM me that email.

How to DM

Click on my avatar, then click message.

How do I find out which email was used to have the original quota? I paid yesterday and can’t use the service

In the DoorKnockerPal App, Go to the more tab. Scroll down to My Account > Edit Profile > Email.

You can also go to this link: https://apps.bigbeartechworld.com/bigbearaccount/profile

Not following then. The email in there is the one I’ve used to log in. Please advise how I can get my account towards using the minimum 50 doors per day.

How did you subscribe? Because I’ve checked Stripe and I don’t see that you’re subscribed.

What do you see when you go to: https://apps.bigbeartechworld.com/doorknockerpal/subscription

Does it have a Subscribe button?

I tried that yesterday and nothing registered. I’ll try again later