Pocketbase is on BigBearDockerImages

So, Pocketbase is an open-source backend for your next SaaS and mobile app, all in one file.

I wanted to add it to BigBearCasaOS, but there was no official Docker image available. So, I started the ‘big-bear-docker-images’ repository to store all of the Docker images that we create and maintain for BigBearCommunity.

This image is built on Alpine, making it lightweight.

Pocketbase Paths

Docker Compose

# Specify the version of Docker Compose being used
version: '3.8'

# Define the services that will run in the Docker Compose environment
  # Define the "pocketbase" service
    # Use the specified Docker image for this service
    image: bigbeartechworld/big-bear-pocketbase:0.19.1
    # Map port 8090 on the host to port 8090 in the container
      - "8090:8090"
    # Mount a volume from the host to the container
    # This is used to persist data between container runs
    volumes: /DATA/AppData/big-bear-pocketbase/data:/app/data