Proxmox tips and tricks

I would like to share some tips and tricks with you guys thru this forum. Please feel free to post your own, and correct or add to my tips posted here.

Access a vm console thru the pve shell (allows changing the vm root user’s password when locked out).
If you don’t know the password to ssh into your vm anymore or the console prompts you for a user / password you don’t know. You may try this.

  1. Log in to your proxmox interface
  2. Click Datacenter, click on your node (eg. PVE), click Shell.
  3. Now you are in the shell of your proxmox node. Use the following command to enter a vm’s console. pct enter vmid (replace “vmid” with the id of your vm or container. eg. 100).
  4. Now you can change for example the root user’s password of that vm with sudo passwd root.

Great idea. Here is a tip: