Pterodactyl panel works but getting errors

installation worked fine but trying to run the script bash -c “$(wget -qLO -” brings up errors about permission denied when trying to connect to docker.
Screenshot - 1153d19122fd41d99f3fc939f9fb8a25 - Gyazo

I would need more information. Also, the url for the image is showing as Malicious, and I’ve not heard of Gyazo.

Try to run the script as root, you can enter root by using sudo -i or just loggin into root from the device

sorry for late reply had to reinstall casaos due to some unknown corruption on my end to clarify gyazo is a screenshot sharing software. ive fixed the minor issue i had above but now im onto a new one with adding my domains to both panel / wings / nodes within the panel. some reason they dont seem to be working with domains added but with my address it does. any tips on how i would rectify this so my sub domains go to the right area’s? “im not that tech savvy so do try and make it caveman like for me”

To set up remote access, start by configuring DuckDNS to keep track of your dynamic IP address. Next, on your router, forward ports 443 (HTTPS) and 80 (HTTP) to the machine running your reverse proxy, such as Nginx Proxy Manager. Finally, within Nginx Proxy Manager, set up a proxy rule to direct the incoming traffic to the appropriate local IP address of your service.

When you solve issues, please post how you solve them. This could help other people who see this post. :slight_smile: