Request: Mattermost and/or Zulip

I would love to see Zulip or Mattermost added to the App Store. I have had so many troubles and errors trying to get both of them to work.

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Yes, yes, yes!
As long as RocketChat version 6.6.0 is not working properly (instant reboot inside of the container), and most users have troubles with earlier versions of Rocketchat ( new messages are visible only after page refresh), we would appreciate if you can provide either Zulip or Mattermost containers in appstore! Thank you in advance.

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1+ for Mattermost please :pleading_face::pray::100: There are soo many people wanting to get this to work but it’s a behemoth!
It’s alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams replacement, even US Air Force, NASA, Samsung, and other major companies use it for privacy

I haven’t had time to look into this. I need to see if there is a community version of these Docker images. On the surface, it seems to be paid with a license key.