Request: Pihole Orbital-Sync Image

Hi There,
I run Two CasaOS Servers and on them I also Run Pi-Hole. I have been looking at Setting up some sort of HA to keep the Configs in sync. Actual HA is Stupid hard. I am still learning Docker and found Something called Orbital-Sync, Which is supposed to be an easy way to sync multiple Pi-Hole Configs.

See: GitHub - mattwebbio/orbital-sync: Synchronize multiple Pi-hole instances

I have tried adding it as a custom image but I cannot get it working.


I appreciate your suggestion, and I’ll make sure to add it to my to-do list for further investigation!

I managed to get it working. I am lucky enough to have a spare Raspberry Pi so got it working on there, then pulled it as a standard docker container. Then got CasaOS to rebuild it so it is in the GUI. It is GUI-less so there really is not much reason to add it into CasaOS but if you want I could export the Details.

@SHarker It might be useful for another person. Can you start a pull request?