[request] Script to migrate apps to another casaos instance

I’d like to suggest a script to move apps from one casaos instance to another. I think it would be beneficial to be able to choose what apps within the instance you want to move to another instance. In my case I have my first casaos instance and as I’m adding apps I realize that some take up more resources than others and being that I have a proxmox cluster I would like to evenly distribute the usage of resources to a other casaos instance. If I could choose what instance of casaos to move a number of apps to this would go a long way to help balance the usage of resources.

I think it would be great to be able to cluster and load balance casaos instances much like proxmox clusters it’s nodes but that’s a huge endeavor that may never be on the road map for casaos.

However, having an easy way to migrate apps to different instances would be amazing and free users to add more apps knowing that you could always migrate them to another casaos Instance if one instance starts to use too many resources.

So, if you could make a script that allows you to choose from your available apps and then select a target casaos instance to move too, I think it would be useful to others. It might even serve as a way to backup your apps to another casaos instance as an unintended benefit.

This has been added to the Roadmap:

Thanks!! I appreciate putting it in the roadmap!