REQUEST : Wger health tracker


Thanks again for your great work. Here I have another suggestion for the community, it’s Wger a personal health tracker and workout manager. I believe it would be a great addition to the app of your already amazing store.

There is already a docker compose file to start from available here :

I hope you will also find it interesting and give it a try.

In any cases, many thanks again for your great work !!

I would appreciate it very much too.
I’m trying to get wger to work in casaos for 2 days now.’s app, paid and free have been down for about two weeks now. If something like this is any good, I’m definitely going to adopt this. I’ve had the app with all my workouts for about 12 years, and now I can’t access any of that history and data. If that’s not a reason for self-hosting, I don’t know what is.