Ring/Scrypted in Apple HomeKit

Hey I can really use your help please. I had scrypted installed and I changed my wifi router and modem. I have ring cameras and I have them in Apple HomeKit with the help of the ring plugin on scrypted. After I changed networks my cameras were not working in Apple home. I deleted all the cameras in scrypted tried to re add them and when I sign into the ring plugin the cameras won’t show on scrypted any more. I reinstalled scrypted and log in after re adding the plugin and it logs in shows my ring locations but the cameras still will not pop up after I deleted them from the last scrypted please I need help

When you mentioned reinstalling, did you begin by starting from scratch, including deleting the volume ~/.scrypted/volume?

Have you examined the logs in the console?

Sorry I just seen this but no I haven’t what would I have to review for the logs? Sorry I’m kind of a newbie to all this.

Would I need to do this in the scrypted terminal or my Mac terminal

Try Pairing your Cameras as in the Accessory Mode.
Open the Home app and Add accessory
Scan the Accessory QR Code and Add ( You can try to find it in the Camera Settings ) . OR the QR Code for Camera from Scrypted .
Check Once if the Homekit Plugin for your camera is enabled .
Stable Internet ofcourse and make sure the Integration of Cameras via Scrypted to Homekit is done well.

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